How I Got My Son To Try Indoor Cricket

The summer season has already started and the last thing I want is for my son to stay at home watching TV or just browsing the Internet all day. I needed to get him out of the house or do something outdoors just so he doesn’t just waste his time on useless things. Lucky for me I found an indoor cricket stadium near my house.

What’s Indoor Cricket?

Indoor cricket is nothing like outdoor cricket even if a lot of people think it is. For one thing, indoor cricket has a smaller playing field and it is much more exciting in my opinion. Some people say that indoor cricket is boring and there will be some downtime during the game. But this isn’t true because if you think about it, a smaller place to play means that every player will be engaged to join in.

Another difference of indoor cricket to its outside counterpart is the number of players in each team. Yes, there will still be two teams but unlike outdoor cricket, each team should have six or eight players. Usually, each team needs six, but depending on other places and traditions, the number can be eight players.

The mechanics of the game is almost the same with outdoor cricket. The goal is still to have as many runs and the team that has more wins. If you have 6 players on each team, then each inning should last for 12 overs. On the other hand, you are supposed to have 16 overs per inning if you have 8 players.

Why Indoor Cricket Is Good For You And Your Son

Aside from taking my son off the TV and phone, there are several benefits indoor cricket has given us.

It made us active.

One of the things I appreciate with indoor cricket is that we were able to play as a family. Usually, there aren’t many family sports where you can play with kids and adults. But with indoor cricket, everyone is in the same playing field literally and metaphorically.

It’s safe for children.

Unlike outdoor cricket, indoor cricket is a lot safer for kids because they won’t be forced to run so many meters off. The ball is also a lot softer than the original cricket ball used in outdoor games. You also don’t have to worry about your kid putting so much force on the bat because they don’t have to hit the ball a hundred yards away.

It improves socialization skills.

The main reason why I wanted my son to get out of the house is so he can be more active and to learn to socialize with other people. An indoor cricket stadium allowed him to do just that. He was able to meet kids his age and their games became regular so he was able to make new friends.

Indoor Stadiums Are Always A Great Idea

If you are like me and you’re looking for summer activities for your kids, enrolling them to a sports group that plays in indoor stadiums is always a great idea. I highly recommend this for several reasons. First, is that you don’t have to bother about the weather. There’s less exposure to UV rays and they won’t end up getting soaked to the bone if it rains.

Another reason is that indoor stadiums are “friendlier” to children since the playing field is not subject to harsh climates. The artificial turf itself is often well-maintained so you don’t have to worry about your kid getting hurt because of the grass.

If you have free time, you can also try playing indoor cricket with your family. Trust me, it’s exciting!

How to Enjoy a Game of Indoor Cricket

If you haven’t played cricket yet, don’t worry as you’re definitely not alone. Despite the fact that cricket is one of Australia’s favourite sports, not everyone knows that there is an indoor version of this popular Commonwealth sports. Believe me, I did, too. It’s like playing softball except that it comes with different rules. Regardless, it is still one of the most fun activities you can have with your friends. Here’s how you can enjoy a game of indoor cricket.

Watch the Pros

The first thing you really have to do is to watch how professional or even amateur bowlers, batters, and fielders accomplish the different tasks expected of them with each game. Watch these athletes as they play indoor cricket in Melbourne or any other major city in Australia. This will give you an idea as to just how fervent the spectators can be, cheering their team and even giving them the much-needed morale boost when scoring. Alternatively, you can watch a game on TV, although I personally recommend watching the actual games so you’ll get the vibe of the game.

Learn the Rules

Like I said in the beginning, a game of indoor cricket is pretty much like a game of softball or baseball except that there are certain rules and gameplays that are highly specific to indoor cricket. My suggestion is to read indoor cricket rules even before you watch a game. The idea is to have a better understanding of how the principles in the rule book are applied right out in the field. Or, you can watch a game now then read the rules later. At least you will already have a mental picture of how the rule is applied on the field. Trust me, for absolute newbies like us, it usually takes time before such rules become crystal clear. The good news is that once you understand these rules the more that you will enjoy the game.

Get Your Team Organised

Unlike cricket played outdoors, indoor cricket is only composed of 8 players in each team. That means you’ve got to organise your own team of 8, although you can go for 16 and then divide it into two when you’re ready to play the game. Here’s the tricky part. You will need to determine who among your team members can bowl the ball and not just simply throw it. This is one of the major differences between softball or baseball and cricket. There’s a certain way of ‘bowling’ the ball. The same is true with batting. You cannot swing the bat as hard as you possibly can like in baseball. Again, review your rules and try to see the different positions that the game requires.

Get Your Gear

The problem with indoor cricket is that you’ll be playing mostly on concrete floor. This will present some fundamental changes in the equipment that you use. The stumps will be different as they cannot be stuck in the floor. The cricket ball will also have a much softer centre than the conventional cricket ball. I did found out that you can use an ordinary tennis ball for such a purpose. As for the bat, it doesn’t really matter if it’s for outdoor or indoor. However, I do recommend getting a bat that you’re more comfortable swinging with finesse.

Get Ready to Score

Once you’ve got all these preliminaries settled, you’re ready to take turns batting and hitting the ball. Do take note that you’re also supposed to limit your opponents’ score. This makes a game of indoor cricket so much fun.

Learning to play indoor cricket is one of the best ways to enjoy the game, not as a spectator but as an active participant in the sport.