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Moving to a More Spacious Apartment for the Sake of Good Health

ApartmentFor quite some time, I have lived in an apartment so small my stuffs barely fit. At first, the idea sounded exciting. It could mean increased intimacy with my partner and more time spend together since you basically just see each other in every corner. Not to mention, small spaces are also more affordable and likely to be near the capital, where there are plenty of economic opportunities and commercial establishments. In a matter of years only, the excitement wore off. Living in small spaces can pose a threat on your well-being. I should know better, because I had been in the situation.

The sooner I realized that micro apartments may not serve my best interest in the long run, I went on to check out reliable real estate agents in Australia. Hopefully, he must be somebody who understands the need for space and the need to balance bank accounts. Hopefully, he shall aid in the transition and educate me with several financial options available. And indeed, he is all that. The man is named Peter Davies from Chilli Realtyhe who takes into consideration the factors that influence a buyer’s capacity to pay, but never quite compromises the buyer’s health and quality living. I must say, he truly is a professional, and a very competent one. If you are among the many people who have once been lured into the idea of affordable living vis-a-vis settling into small spaces, you should probably seek Peter Davies’ help. I couldn’t be more satisfied with his service.

I emphasize this because I know that the health risks of small apartment cannot just be neglected. People justify by saying arrangement and design of the interiors can do miracles. Up to a certain extent, yes. Nevertheless, the whole idea won’t work if you have a family already. As I said, I have been in the situation so I probably have the authority to talk more about the disadvantages of living in small apartments.

First, you face the problem of being restricted to functional living.

Simple living is ideal, but confined living isn’t. Living in small apartments will force you to trim down your list of furniture and appliances, if only to free some space.

Homes are supposed to be your haven, your respite from the everyday stresses. And, whether we admit it or not, styling our homes to the point where we feel comfortable and relaxed can mean buying several furniture pieces. Now when you have small spaces, your furniture items have to be multi-purpose. Your kitchen table must also be your working table. Your bookshelf as your cupboard and tv stand as well. Who knows, you won’t even have space for your cutlery. Personally, this isn’t something I call as convenient.

Second, you may end up exposing your loved ones to injuries.

Micro apartments are suitable for young professionals or students, but never for families and not even for couples. Peter Davies stressed the importance of long-term planning prior to buying a residential property, and I couldn’t agree more. I have seen myself raising my own family someday. So I was thinking, how do small spaces affect children?

Children like to move around. They like to play, and playing won’t be feasible if you’re stuck in your 7th floor unit in a suburban building. There are no grounds to roam around. Your children might just end up playing computer games. Worse, they may even get injured if they try to play around, what with the high stairs, isolated lobbies, and glass windows.

Psychologists even posit that school children may even have difficulty concentrating when they study. This is because you probably won’t have space for a study table or a room away from the television noise.

Security issues are also the same for elderly loved ones or disabled persons. If they’re on wheelchairs, small spaces won’t be ideal. Bottom line, where houses or apartments are concerned, age matters.

Third and last, you and your loved ones are prone to mental and psychological health problems.

Apart from comfort, your home must also be a place for privacy. Back then, I had difficulty finding my “own space” inside our tiny apartment. When I wanted to cry and be left alone, I had to settle myself inside the bathroom, which wasn’t effective because my sobs could somehow be heard. When I wanted to a “me time”, all I ever got were distractions. This privacy concern is so real when living in studios where there are no divisions, where the bedroom also serves as the living room. Overall, I guess I could say I felt suffocated back then.

This psychological stifle can also affect your productivity at work or at school. Whether you are conscious about it or not, your mental and psychological stress at home has a spill-over effect on other critical aspects of your life. I even began to notice how frequent our quarrels had become in only a few years of living in small spaces. Thank heavens, I was through that phase.

If I were you, I would not wait for the problem to erupt into a full-blown disaster. It isn’t the first time we’ve heard of stresses causing physical ailments that lead to hospitalization. Thus, you would be better off if you follow suit and take Peter Davies’ expert advice. Move into a more spacious apartment for quality living and for a healthier you.

The Benefits of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

pregnancyPregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman’s bodies, and sometimes these can cause pain and discomfort. Although they are considered “normal”, it does not mean that any woman has to suffer during this time. There are existing and safe ways that can address the most common complaints soon-to-be-mommies have.

I learned about this when I found out that I was expecting my first child. I was looking through some courses offered for pregnant women and found acupuncture as listed. I was curious and read a little bit more about why this was among the best tips for healthy pregnancy. What I discovered surprised me. Not only can these treatments relieve me from common backaches and other body pains, it can also help with these other conditions: fatigue, headaches, heartburn, constipation, nausea, cramps and even swelling. 

In fact, going for trusted pregnancy acupuncture in Melbourne has benefits on the various stages:

First Trimester

During the riskiest part of the pregnancy, going through this treatment will put together a healthy foundation. This is done by diverting your resources into keeping your baby nourished and supporting its rapid growth. At the same time, sessions with your acupuncturist will help prevent miscarriage and deal with the most dreaded symptom of this trimester, morning sickness. In fact, severe nausea can shift your digestive system and make sure that you will both receive enough nutrients. With twice weekly visits the symptoms will greatly be reduced. 

Partnering these sessions with a quality massage in Ivanhoe area will also address fatigue, and bring up energy levels. Every treatment enhances mom to be’s production of blood and optimal function of all internal organs.

Women who experience bleeding at this time, as well as pain in the back or in the abs, might be facing a threatened miscarriage. Scheduling an appointment with your acupuncturist as soon as possible can help you avoid this. Drinking some Chinese herbs as tea during the treatment can also help strengthen the uterus. 

Second Trimester

Although most complaints tend to ease up during this time, a combination of acupuncture and massage can still help women maintain their energy or deal with any symptoms that have lingered from the first trimester, as well as the back pain that is increasing as the baby bump also grows.

Third Trimester

During this time, the baby grows to a point that mommy’s center of gravity shifts and starts to squish the organs around. This means pregnant women feel even worse back and hip pains, difficulty in sleeping, shortness of breath, heartburn, among other uncomfortable symptoms. Acupuncture can help them limit this discomfort. At the same time, it can help them prepare for the labor and delivery of the new tiny addition to the family. In fact, studies support the fact that women who actually received regular treatments during the last trimester experience easier and shorter labor.

These sessions also help in cases of breech babies. The treatment will help relax the muscles of the uterus and the abdomen, making it easier to turn them. This has been traditionally done based on Chinese medicine and has a 70% success rate. Without bringing any risks to you both, acupuncture is done between the 32nd and the 36th week so that the baby still has room. The baby should turn within 24 hours, if successful. 

Visiting your acupuncturist every week towards the end of pregnancy will help women to have more efficient contractions, and help their cervix to soften and open more smoothly. Even statistics have shown that the sessions reduced the length of time women are in labor, especially for first-time moms like me. The need for medical intervention is reduced as well, including the induction of labor, the use of an epidural and the need for a caesarean delivery.

Acupuncture also provides a natural method to induce labor for those who are overdue. This has a proven 88% success rate in stimulating labor.

Post Partum

Treatments can still benefit new mothers after they give birth, supporting their physical and mental recovery. This can improve circulation of blood, and in turn, will help the production of nutritious breast milk for your new baby. A happy, well-fed newborn will also help the new parents rest more and recover quickly.

At the same time, acupuncture addresses other complaints of post-partum women like problems with milk production, urination issues, cramps, bleeding, constipation and even depression.

Reading about the benefits of visiting the nearest acupuncturist helped me make up my mind to schedule some sessions for myself. Not only do I hope that the sessions would help me deal with the pain due to my growing baby bump, I also look forward to having an easier first labor and delivery experience. As a new mommy-to-be, I want to enjoy the magic of motherhood and have the energy and good spirits to take care of my newborn. Thankfully, there is acupuncture, the best natural treatment available out there for all kinds of people, but especially women like me.