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Are Vibration Machines Effective?

Vibration machines are the newest equipment for weight loss. The instructions are simple – you stand or sit on a vibrating platform and let it burn calories through muscle contraction.

While the concept seems reasonable, a lot of people are wondering, will you lose weight with vibration machine exercise?

Vibration Machines and Weight Loss

The concept of a vibration machine is simple. Honestly, it’s too good to be true if you think about it.

I was first skeptical about the effectiveness of a simple machine where I’m only supposed to stand for 15 minutes in my weight loss journey.

There’s a vibration machine in one of the nearby gyms that I go to and I kept seeing women stay on that equipment for 10-15 minutes. All they do is stand, but some add a little twist in it by squatting.

By doing a little research, I found out that vibration machines make you lose weight through muscle contraction. The vibration causes muscles to contract constantly making it feel like as if you were working out.

But then it got me wondering if it was an alternative to exercise. Further research made me conclude that it isn’t.

It’s merely a good supplement to further increase the weight you will lose. But according to trainers, it is still no substitute to exercise.

Benefits of a Vibration Machine

Now you might be thinking that vibration machines are not that useful anyway.

But a review of everfit vibration machine will show you that this equipment can do more than just make you lose weight. Here are some of the benefits I found out:

1. Increased Balance

During my first try with the Everfit vibration machine, I thought it would be a piece of cake just standing on its platform. But I was wrong.

After 2 minutes in, my body felt like it was going to fall off with all the vibrations. This encouraged me to focus more on my balance and we all know how important balance is in being fit.

So if you constantly stay on a vibration machine a few times a week, then you will see a change in the way you stay upright.

2. Reduced Muscle Soreness

Even though your muscles will be contracting the whole time, amazingly, this still reduces muscle soreness.

It’s perfect for those who are recovering from an intense workout and just want to cool down but don’t want to move. With a vibration machine, you’re still exercising your muscles even if you’re not exerting much effort.

3. Improved Blood Circulation

It’s not just your muscles that get affected when you step on a vibration machine. There are also your blood cells that are able to flow through your body a lot easier.

This is because the movement you do on this machine is similar to a few cardio exercises like running, walking, or biking.

These workouts improve blood circulation as they increase your heart rate. The same effect happens on a vibration machine.

4. Better Strength

Now, this benefit is important especially for guys who want to go into weight training. Muscle strength is crucial for you to be able to withstand a number of weights and still be able to carry the heaviest load out there.

A vibration machine can help you here because the constant muscle contraction already conditions your muscles for an intense workout.

I, for one, spend at least 10 minutes on a vibration machine as a warm-up to build strength.

So with just 10 minutes of vibrations, you can already get all these benefits. I recommend that you try this before or after a workout as a warm-up or a cool-down exercise.