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Leave Your Hair In The Care Of Your Favorite Melbourne Hairdresser

If you are like me and you like to regularly get new hairdos or change your look, then you are likely in the hair salon quite often for haircuts and other hair design treatments.

In the beginning, I thought getting a cut and getting it blow-dried or straightened was enough. But my favorite experienced hairdressers in Melbourne have taught me the importance of taking care of my hair.

Getting A Haircut: A Different Experience

I have been to hairdressers who have quickly cut my hair and then end it at that. They do not consider the status of my hair beforehand and nor put a second thought as to how it will look the next day.

It may look wonderful immediately after the cut, but that was it. A really great hairdresser will provide full service from the second you sit on the chair.

Not only do they simply want your money and then move on to the next customer, but they truly focus on how they can improve your look and your hair.

My locks are always a mess, with my hair quite brittle and weak after frequent blow-drying and other unhealthy practices. They really need some love and care from a professional.

Whenever I visit my favorite hairdresser, they provide full service. Instead of just cutting my hair, I get a consultation first as to what look suits me, based on the shape of my face, how dense and thick my mane is and my lifestyle.

The latter means if you are the type of person who likes an easy to maintain haircut, then you will not end up with a style that needs regular blow-drying.

Beyond cutting my locks, they will also look at the condition of my hair and scalp, as well as the style and color I prefer.

Only then can a cut and design be decided. I would always sit there with the knowledge that my hairdresser is a professional and that my hair is in good hands.

Get A Hair Treatment Along With A Haircut

At my favorite hairdresser’s, a hair care treatment is recommended and can be booked for a few more bucks. This is part of the shampoo, conditioner, and scalp massage that complements the haircut.

Beyond that, there are other few treatments my favorite hairdresser offers, from a simple masque to the popular keratin treatment. These procedures do not only make my hair look shiny and beautiful; it also enhances any look I get.

A Keratin Relaxing Treatment is the most recommended even if you are not subjecting your head of hair to chemicals or other procedures. Basically, you will be feeding your hair with keratin, which is the primary protein of your hair, nails, and skin.

A Kerastase Ritual is like a professional washing and conditioning for your hair. What makes it stand out compared to other hair treatments is that you get some rejuvenating scalp massage.

This allows the proper absorption of the hair treatment you want to have done. It is not just good for your hair, but it is also very relaxing for you as a customer.

The best thing about getting hair treatment is that you get supple, healthy, and shiny hair that will only highlight your new hairdo.

It is possible because these expert hairdressers will give you the right tips and products so that you can continue with your hair pampering at home.

By following the recommendations of your hairdresser, you find the right products and develop the right hair care routine to keep nourishing it at home.

The Right Hairdresser Watches Out For Your Hair

Do not be fooled by hairdressers who only want your business, not truly giving you the full hair care treatment when you get a haircut.

Getting the right service will keep your locks healthy, beautiful, and shiny, and will make your new hairdo look great.