What to Look For in a Dentist

Dental Checkup

We’ve heard of many tragic dental incidents such as excessive gum bleeding, post-extraction stress, development of mouth ulcers, allergic reaction to chemicals, and more. But we cannot avoid dental visits altogether. At some point, we need to undergo dental surgeries and procedures.

Personally, I have once feared dental visits until I found out that it only takes a little research to develop confidence in your dentist. Suffice it to say, choosing a good dentist is key to eliminating fear or stress.

There can be many sources of information when looking for a dentist. You can ask friends and family for referrals. You can visit dental clinics near you, if you’ve got time. However, the most convenient way is to search online. Nowadays, dental professionals already maintain a web page or website where you can also check testimonials of former clients. I have found my dentist online as well. Particularly, I discovered Dr. Lincoln Chew who maintains a website – www.chewdentistburwood.com.au.

It was easier for me to ask questions and check on his credentials because I can transact with him online. I appreciate the responsiveness of this dental clinic. After all, great customer service matters when choosing a dentist.

Here are other factors you need to look for in a dentist:

Proven Track Record

You need to check on the dentist’s years of experience in the industry and his client reviews. If he’s been in practice for a decade or so, then you feel safer in his hands as opposed to having a newbie dentist. Well, this is not to discredit new dentists who may also be competent but having established a proven track record with high number of repeat clients, low client turnover, and high satisfaction rating is a good sign.

I was glad to know that Dr. Chew has over 35 years of dental experience. This means that he has worked with many dental cases, ranging from slight to severe. That took my worry away as a patient.


A good dentist must be skilled in his chosen specialization. Dr. Chew has been serving patients in Hongkong, Sydney, and now in Burwood. He’s into both general and cosmetic dentistry, and I am elated about this. At least, I know that he doesn’t just ensure my teeth and gums are healthy but also aesthetically works on my set.

It also pays to ask if the dentist has been updating his knowledge and skills through seminars, forums, conventions, and other forms of learning. Many modern techniques and equipment are available these days which are safer for patients.

Well-maintained Facility and Equipment

I’m pretty sure that none of us would schedule an appointment with a dentist who owns a rickety dental chair. The facility and equipment used by dentists are also critical. A dentist may be competent, but if his apparatus is dysfunctional, disasters can also happen.

Also, you must observe the environment inside the clinic. The entire facility and even the tools have to be clean for hygiene purposes. After all, this is about your dental health.

Happy Disposition

The cheerfulness of your dentist reflects his passion for his craft. While it’s not possible to exude happiness every day, you can observe your dentist’s attitude anyway in the long run. Also, being able to put up a pleasant disposition despite personal problems shows professionalism. A dentist who cares for his job will aim to give his patients quality service.

Further, a happy and passionate dentist is likely to be more productive. He handles treatments with utmost care and accuracy because he cares about his patient. He’s not just after the money. Knowing this can take your worry away. You know you’re in good hands.

Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service means kind treatment to patients. If you have concerns, the dentist and his staff gladly listen and accommodate them. If you have financial considerations, they provide you with options without sacrificing your dental health. If the dentist is unavailable on a specific date, the staff arranges another schedule.

Other times, provision of free parking already makes a difference in your entire dental experience. At Dr. Chew Clinic, I’m glad they provide free parking for a specific number of hours. To me, this is part of customer service. I should know how stressful it is to find a space, much more incur another expense just for parking.

Generally, if the entire dental team goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable during dental visit, then you have just come to the right dental clinic.

The five considerations above will greatly help get rid of your fear and worry. Dental visits after all must be embraced, and not shunned upon. If you’re in Burwood, take my recommendation and book for consultation with Dr. Chew. With or without a problem, having a dental checkup brings your oral health in its best condition.

Best Health Tips for Fit and Long Life

healthyIf you know the real meaning of this proverb ‘health is wealth’, you would know the importance of being healthy. When you are in good health, you can remain fresh and energetic all the time. It is hard to spend a dull or sick life. Healthy body and mind boost you to live and work efficiently. It is impossible to perform without healthy body. It is not simple to maintain good health. You have to spend sufficient time for your body in form of exercise, proper diet, meditation, etc.

Ensure to exercise on regular basis. It does not mean you have to carry heavy weight or run hours and hours on the treadmill. Exercise means giving activity to your body. It can be either walking, jogging, playing your favorite game or even carrying out certain household tasks. You have to eliminate the toxins from your body. When you work out, harmful toxins flushes out as sweat or urine.

Drink plenty of water. Most people forget to drink water because of their busy schedule. It is necessary to keep your body hydrated. Exercise helps to keep you energetic and remain in perfect shape. Make it as a habit to take small sips of water once in thirty minutes or one hour. Water is good for skin and overall body. It keeps you skin fresh and beautiful.

Health-and-Fitness-TipsInclude sufficient fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is best to divide your meals into five instead of three. You can take small portions of food five times a day. This way, you would not feel hungry and consume lot in a single meal. It is important to burn your food through exercise. The physical exercises generate strength and flexibility in your body.

It is recommended to purchase and consume organic vegetables and fruits. They are free from chemicals and other toxic substances. Such organic foods do not cause harm to your body. Plan your diet in a proper way. Sleeping is the most important activity that allows you to relax your body. It is necessary to sleep at least six hours a day. No matter, how busy you are, ensure to sleep in relaxed status. Do not keep tension always on your mind. Allow things in a freeway. When you keep thinking negative or get tensed for future things, your body would get affected.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Nowadays, more and more people complain of experiencing stress. The worst part is even school going children complain of stress. Do not overthink. It can affect your physical and mental life. Try to spend one or two hours a day in meditation or yoga. It does lot of magic to your body. It alleviates negative thinking and improves your thoughts. If you follow these tips on regular basis, you can achieve a healthy and happy life.

If you are experiencing serious medical condition, ensure to visit your physician and get treatment. They will diagnose your health and help you to stay fit and healthy forever.

Health and Beauty Product


They state, elegance insurance and health should get together, and that’s correct. Health is performance, in most individuals and elegance provides the individual who appears satisfaction.

Have not you see there are a lot of shops and institutions all around the globe who market and promote beauty insurance and health item? Everywhere you’ll get there are lots of of these occur, web, from televisions, or more to various locations.

You will find a lot of health insurance and beauty items running the today, they guarantees, provide various guarantees while offering. But before buying, you have to understand the facts of these particular items. You’ll need to understand if that item can provide your health, your elegance as well as you the advantage that you need. Beauty product insurance and health enable you to enhance health, skin and fitness. They are able to enhance the manner in which we live them and also lifestyles. They create our personal health tasks much easier and have come quite a distance through the years.

What items do we’ve today for skincare? Here comes the body and palm creams, agents, cleaners and toners, aftershave splash and a whole lot more and cut serum. Once we know, women and men have skin types. Nearly all women have delicate and fragile skin while the skin of men is very greasy. With that, they have to understand how to choose them the right beauty items.

makeup items

If you buying cleansing and are a lady having a delicate skin, select a solution that’s correct for you. State for instance; select a sensitive treatment cleansing confirmed effective and safe for delicate skin for women. The crucial elements of the product may include: organic component complex of lavender, and calendula, linden, that are recognized due to their organic skin-soothing qualities. Then the product is simply right for you if you’ve a delicate skin.

They’ve difficulty coping with which item is better for them while men’s skin creates more gas, particularly within their encounters. Therefore, selecting a solution for them usually takes time. Due to their face cleaner foam, they have to look for a solution that contains elements for example aloe and contains E Vitamin to situation your skin, trips, and lavender for soothing and moisturizing.

Think about items which are advantageous to diet, health and exercise? There are certainly a large amount of items available if you like to keep your body that is lovely. Such items like, vitamins, food replacements, power and protein goods and products are about the record. For products and meal replacements, so far as possible, select a solution that’s balance diet. Try vitamins where you can get all of the minerals and vitamins you’ll need every single day, for center, tooth, skin, eyes, and bones

There are lots of excellent items meant to create each one of these feasible for you if would like to get an excellent looking skin or possess a balanced body. Enhance your looks and these items help encourage wellness that you experienced.

Homemade Beauty Tips Using Organic Products Available in Your Kitchen


Natural skincare is increasing recognition and than you’d feel it is so easier to produce. It’s usually great to understand that you’re not placing any unpleasant chemicals in your skin along with it being significantly cheaper than beauty items sold in addition to being gentler about the skin. It can benefit you effectively fight many skin problems when applied properly. This informative article covers beauty ideas applying natural items obtainable in your home.

Everybody needs healthy and stunning skin and beauty ideas might help you accomplish this within the economical and many natural method. Looking after the skin allows for so long as possible you to enjoy the advantages of gorgeous skin.

Fruits and numerous organic vegetables could be easily covered in virtually any organic skincare program and therefore are highlighted in several of the beauty tips on or offline. Cucumber is one particular product that’s ideal for a lot of things including reducing eyes. Other items which are exceptional for organic skincare contain apple, papaya, tumeric, cinnamon, etc, that offer several stimulating and stimulating advantages for your skin.

It’s very important to determine what skin-type you’ve before choosing a specific natural skincare program. Though vegetables and natural fruits are balanced, they respond differently to various skin types so after identifying your skin form, after that you can decide the natural items that work best in your skin.


Among the most significant homemade beauty ideas would be to just use fruits and greens inside your skincare program while applying a natural skincare routine into your beauty regime. Because they might obtain specific qualities within this suggest that aren’t good for the skin prevent all bad fruit and veggies.

Another of the truly amazing homemade beauty ideas is by using dairy inside your beauty regime. when combined with some oatmeal milkcan work as an excellent cleansing particularly. Oatmeal features for skin specifically like a fantastic facial mask. You are able to blend additional elements for example darling, fruits, eggs, etc and it, to create exfoliants and natural markers to be used in your experience.

The usage of yogurt and cream it is among the finest homemade beauty ideas and is common in several organic skincare programs because they are outstanding at shedding. Whenever you and yogurt combine oatmeal and baby, it helps balance gas production and forms a great mask for combination or greasy skin. Your skin may be qualities that benefited by baby contains significantly and certainly will be utilized in several different homemade beauty items.

Many beauty programs don’t need astringent or a toner which is often a waste of money and time for most of US. When you have skin because they help eliminate excessive fat astringents or Toners just seem sensible. If you want a toner among the finest homemade beauty ideas is by using rose-water or rose water.

Applying organic skincare programs into your lifetime is just bad for the skin, cheap but can also be enjoyable and you’ll have the ability to produce several homemade beauty items. You’ll also acquire the assurance to apply error projects and several trial that’ll permit you to fine-tune these items for the specific skin.