What to Expect from a Great Brunswick Dentist

dentalYour dentist is an important partner in our overall well-being, someone who will take care of our oral health. Although I, much like many other people, do not necessarily enjoy sitting in that chair and having my teeth poked and drilled, I am very lucky because my dentist is very understanding and supportive. I believe that a great experience depends on the professional and how they treat their patients.

This is why finding the right dentist is important. Although some clinics offer more services than others, most basic services are easily found in every office. However, a good relationship is not as automatic. Someone like my dentist, who is patient and tries his best to keep his clients comfortable and happy, is a treasure and makes me less anxious. Click here to read more about his amazing practice.

Beyond being very patient-centered, here are some other factors that I find very important in a dentist:

A Comprehensive List of Services

Going to many different clinics can be tough, not just because I like my current dentist. Moreover, he has been my dentist for years and knows my history very well. I am very lucky because he offers most of the services I need to keep my teeth in great shape.

If you have a family and everyone goes to the same clinic, it is important to find a practice where they offer beyond the usual cleaning and filling. Services like root canal treatment and orthodontics, as well as other preventative procedures, are very important. These are the most common needs of usual patients, from children to adults.

However, finding a practice that offers even more, like tooth extractions, dental implants and veneers will be a plus. Over time, teeth become weaker and damage becomes irreversible. Being able to replace your extracted tooth will help you keep a full mouth of teeth.

Specialists On Hand

A dentist is normally restricted when it comes to some things like what kind of anesthesia they are allowed to handle. Some clinics have an anesthesiologist on staff, which can be a huge plus. After all, this might mean that they can offer severely anxious patients an option for painless services, where they do not feel anything or even are put to sleep during the process. Those who do not need it will still find it more comfortable knowing the people who are part of their treatment, especially during more difficult procedures.

Another advantage is to have a dental surgeon in the practice. In some cases, the normal dentist will have to refer the patient to a special clinic because they are unable to handle the surgery. This is exactly what happened with my brother, whose teeth turned out to be too strong that simple extraction for orthodontics had to be stopped in the middle of the procedure because it was too challenging for the dentist. He had to send him to another dental office that had a dental surgeon just to be able to finish the job.

Updated Qualifications

Much like in medicine, there are lots of new procedures that come out every couple of years. For example, tooth whitening has been quite popular for years, but now laser whitening is a new and more effective way to make teeth sparkle. Even dental implants have been greatly improved, allowing for full mouth restoration with just 4 implants.

Choose a dentist that either teaches at the same time, meaning they are up-to-date with such developments, or someone who is very proactive in learning about them. You should be able to see their qualifications either online or presented in the practice or simply ask to check if they are updated.

Flexible Hours and Emergency Numbers

These are also signs that your dental practice is very patient-centered. With clinic hours, it can really be tricky for those who are working when they close exactly when you are about to leave the office. Longer office hours on Saturdays are a great sign as well, as well as having enough practitioners and space to handle more patients and be able to treat them in the time when clients can do these treatments. Unless the procedure is very delicate and would require time to recover, no one will be willing to waste their holiday time to go to the doctor.

All of these factors contribute to a great experience at the dental practice. The worst thing that could happen is that patients have such a horrible time that they decide never to come back because the dental problems could worsen. Sitting in that chair doesn’t have to be your favorite thing to do, it certainly is not for me, but I am motivated because I feel the genuine concern and shared responsibility with my dentist on making sure that I am always in tip top shape when it comes to oral health.

While dental care is important, it is also essential to look at our physical health. Learning some tips for a healthy life would be an advantage. Check out these tips here.

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